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Jennifer McLain
United States  
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Farm Animal Therapy


Good day to all

My name is Jennifer Mclain positivity to all.
Like lots of people, my cause is to help other's.


Using my skills, my goal is to help other's with animals;
Horse therapy ,and other farm animals can easily lift
ones spirits.

This is great Way to help others with all ranges of needs.
Interaction with animals is great for mind and body .

This is nothing but positive positive positive.
So I ask for help with my goal, to create a safe
and accesable environment for people to come
spend time with my animals.

I'm looking to add fences and facilities for visitors.
All donations to help this become reality are appreciated.
For me and others that will benefit from this wonderful experience ..

Thank Y'all So Much

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Created: June 1st 2017

Jennifer McLain
United States  
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